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MP5W-45 (PNP+DC4-20MA) Autonics Pulse(Rates)Meters

MP5W-45 (PNP+DC4-20MA) Autonics Pulse(Rates)Meters
MP5W-45 (PNP+DC4-20MA) Autonics Pulse(Rates)Meters
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Product Code : MP 5W - 45
Product Description

MP5W-45 (PNP+DC4-20MA) Autonics Pulse(Rates)Meters

High performance digital pulse meter MP5 Series supports 13 kinds of operation modes to measure various industrial numerical data including Frequency, Absolute ratio, Passing time and Error ratio. (MP5M Series have 11 operation modes only.) Having diverse functions with various output types, the series could be widely used in any industrial fields. 50kHz of high speed response time is another feature to improve user’s convenience.

* 13 kinds of various operation modes :
Revolution, speed, frequency, absolute ratio, passing time, error ratio, cycle, density, passing speed, error, time width, length measurement, time difference, interval, multiplication(MP5M Series have 11 operation modes)
* Various output function :
Relay output, NPN/PNP open collector output, low speed serial output, BCD output, PV transmission, RS485 communication output
* Various functions :
Prescale function, data monitoring function, hysteresis function, peak value monitoring function, monitoring delay function, auto zero time setting function, lock setting function, display period delay function
* Max. display range : -19999 to 99999(MP5M : 0 to 99999)
* Various display units : rpm, rps, Hz, kHz, sec, min, m, mm, mm/ s, m/s, m/min, m/h, ℓ/s, ℓ/min, ℓ/h, %, counts, etc.
* Selectable voltage input(PNP) or no voltage input(NPN)
* 50kHz high speed response


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